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Dots per inch . Higher DPI produce clearer and more detailed image. For printing recommended is 300 dpi.

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Simple Image Resizer to Millimeters is a perfect online photo resizer.
Our online resizer seamlessly adjusts the image to meet your specific image size requirements.

Prepare your images for printing effortlessly, setting photo size in milimiters with our Image Dimensions Resizer. Moreover, you can set the custom image size and the output file format to JPG, PNG, WEBP, PDF, and HEIC without any loss in quality.

You can quickly and easily resize images in millimeters and dpi online without any additional software and completely free of charge.

Our tool allows you to resize an image in any unit to 35 x 45 mm, 35 x 35 mm.

Here is example of how our Resize Image To millimeters can help you throughout your life:

Printing Example 1
I would like to print a poster of 1200 x 900 mm with the maximum resolution from a 3024 x 4032 pixel image. What dpi will be good and how to use this tool for that?

Step 1) Upload an 3024 x 4032 px image

Step 2) Select the unit as mm

Step 3) Set dimensions width=1200 mm, height=900 mm

Step 4) Set the resolution to 300 dpi

Step 5) Click the resize button

How to use Image Resizer To Millimeters

  1. Upload the photo;
  2. Set image width, height in centimeters and dpi;
  3. If you need, you can change the output image format: eg. to PDF
  4. Click 'Resize';
  5. Compare the result and if everything is ok download the result.