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Convert your images online from PNG to PDF for free.


Portable Network Graphics

Image format developed for use on the internet. It’s biggest advantage over JPG format is that it can preserve transparency. This makes PNG an ideal format for storing digital graphics, such as Logotypes or Graphical Sprites. PNG also allows for compression, so the image can be further optimized using our Compressor tool. Read About PNG on Wikipedia


Portable Document Format

File format developed by Adobe inc. to present documents independently from the device and system. It has since become a standard for sharing document files on the internet. But file size can get big, and PDF is not accepted in all online forms. That’s why sometimes it’s better to convert document into PNG or JPG. Read About PDF on Wikipedia


FIn the digital world, there are many occasions when one might need to convert an image file into a PDF. Whether you're looking to compile multiple images into one easily accessible file, or simply need to switch file formats for a specific use, converting PNG to PDF is a valuable skill. In this post, we'll guide you through the process of using our online PNG to PDF converter tool. It's easy, efficient, and best of all, free!

All about the PNG format

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a popular image format commonly used across the web. It supports lossless data compression, meaning that the image quality isn't reduced during compression. It also supports transparency, which is ideal for graphic designers and web developers.

Pros and cons of PNG files

Pros of PNG files:

  • PNG files support lossless compression, maintaining their original quality.
  • The transparency support in PNG files is excellent for web design and graphic arts.
  • PNG is suitable for detailed, high contrast images.

Cons of PNG files:

  • PNG files can be quite large, taking up more storage space.
  • Not all older web browsers and systems support PNG files.

Typical use cases of PNG files

PNG image files are commonly used when high-quality images are required. They are often used in web design, digital arts, and any application where image details and transparency are important.

Image quality of PNG files

PNG files retain their image quality, thanks to the lossless compression algorithm they use. Even after being compressed, they can preserve the fine details in an image, making them an excellent choice for intricate images. They support transparency, too, making them popular with graphic designers. There are better choices if file size is the most imporant factor, but generally PNG is a solid choice.

Social media sites that accept PNG files

TMost social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, will accept a PNG file. However, they often compress these images, which may result in a slight loss of image quality.

All About the PDF Format

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely-used file format that preserves the fonts, images, graphics, and layout of any source document, regardless of the computer or software it was created on. PDF files are ideal for distributing documents and images which you don't want to be easily altered.

Pros and cons of PDF files

Pros of PDF files:

  • PDFs are universally accessible across platforms and operating systems.
  • They can consolidate multiple images or pages into one file.
  • PDF files maintain their formatting regardless of where they are viewed.

Cons of PDF files:

  • PDFs aren't easily editable without specific software.
  • High-quality PDFs can have large file sizes.

Typical use cases of PDF files

PDFs are typically used for distributing documents that need to be printed or viewed but not edited. This includes eBooks, user manuals, application forms, and scanned documents. They are also handy for combining multiple images into one file for easy viewing and sharing.

Social media sites that accept PDF file

PDF files aren't typically used on social media platforms as they are more suited to documents rather than individual images. So you should be looking to other file types for that use case.

Image quality of PDF files

PDF files preserve the quality of the images they contain. They maintain the format, fonts, and layout of any original file, making them an excellent choice for distributing high-quality documents.

Why convert from PNG to PDF?

There are many reasons why you might want to convert PNG to PDF. PDF files are more universally accessible and can contain multiple images in one file. They are ideal for sharing and are easier to manage than individual image files. Plus, the format of the PDF file remains constant, regardless of the device or operating system used to view it. If you came here to convert PNG to PDF online then let's walk you through how.

Using the PNG to PDF converter

Our online tool makes it easy to convert PNG to PDF. Here's how to convert PNG files (or even multiple png images) right here online.

  1. You can convert up to five PNG files to PDF at a time.
  2. Click on the 'Select Images' button or drag and drop your PNG file or files into the designated area.
  3. Twiddle with the advanced settings to set the image size and quality to your liking.
  4. It's time to convert files. Click on 'Convert Imags' and the tool will convert your PNG image or images and insert them into a single PDF (just one PDF for multiple images - if you want one image per PDF, then upload them and convert one at a time).
  5. You can then download your converted files as a PDF.

Our PNG converter will also convert to other image formats. So whatever file type you're hoping to end up with, there's a good chance you can convert to it here.

Privacy information

We prioritize your privacy and security. All files are uploaded via a secure encryption layer to our server for processing. We do not sell or pass your files on to third parties. Our algorithm converts your PNG files to PDF format automatically, without human intervention.

Your converted files are available for 24 hours for your convenience, after which they're permanently deleted from our server. The ads you see on our site fund this process, which is why we can offer this service for free, without requiring registration or account creation.


If you've got a PNG image and you want to put it in a document format, PDF is a great choice. And converting PNG to PDF has never been easier thanks to our PNG to PDF converter. With just a few clicks, you can conveniently transform your PNG images into a secure and universally accessible PDF file. So, whether you're looking to consolidate images, change file formats, or simply need an easier way to view and share images, give our PNG to PDF converter a try.