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Convert your images online from PNG to JPG for free.


Portable Network Graphics

Image format developed for use on the internet. It’s biggest advantage over JPG format is that it can preserve transparency. This makes PNG an ideal format for storing digital graphics, such as Logotypes or Graphical Sprites. PNG also allows for compression, so the image can be further optimized using our Compressor tool. Read About PNG on Wikipedia


Joint Photographic Experts Group

One of the most popular image container standards. Commonly used method for storing photos created with digital photography. It’s not well suited to storing graphics or digital paintings. JPEG algorithm allows for compression of images, so you can compress photo further with our Image compressor. Read About JPG on Wikipedia


From website design to sharing photos on social media, different image file formats serve different purposes. For many, the need to convert PNG to JPG may arise, and doing so might seem complicated. But worry not! This blog post will walk you through the simple process of converting PNG files to JPEG using our easy-to-use online tool.

All about the PNG format

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a raster-graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. PNG was developed as an improved, non-patented replacement for Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), although GIF files do still proliferate PNG supports palette-based images, grayscale images, and full-color non-palette-based RGB or RGBA images.

Pros and cons of PNG files

Pros of PNG files:

  • PNG supports lossless compression, ensuring high image quality.
  • It supports transparency, which is helpful for website design and digital artwork.
  • PNG files are excellent for detailed, high-contrast images.

Cons of PNG files:

  • The file sizes are larger compared to JPG, which can slow down webpage load times.
  • Not all older web browsers and programs support the PNG format.

Typical use cases of PNG files

A PNG file is typically used when lossless image compression is required. PNGs are often used in web design due to their support for transparency. Additionally, digital artists frequently use a PNG file for their output due to the format's ability to handle detailed, high-contrast images.

Social media sites that accept PNG files

Most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accept PNG files, but they often compress these images, which may affect the image quality.

Image quality of PNG files

Thanks to its lossless compression algorithm, PNG maintains high image quality. Even after compression and decompression, the image remains the same, preserving all the fine details.

All About the JPG Format

JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a commonly used lossy compression format for digital images. The degree of compression can be adjusted, allowing a selectable tradeoff between storage size and image quality. JPG typically achieves 10:1 compression with little perceptible loss in image quality, which is one of the reasons why JPEG images proliferate on the internet.

Pros and cons of JPG files

Pros of JPG files:

  • JPG files are smaller and more manageable than PNG files, which can be particularly important for websites and emails.
  • Nearly all devices, web browsers, and applications support the JPG file format.

Cons of JPG files:

  • The lossy compression in JPEG can lead to quality degradation when you edit and save repeatedly.
  • JPG does not support transparency.

Typical use cases of JPG files

JPG is the most common format for storing and transmitting photographic images on the internet. JPG file format images are used in emails, digital photography, and majority of the websites you see online.

Social media sites that accept PNG file

All social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accept JPG files, making it a versatile choice for sharing images online.

Image quality of JPG files

The image quality of JPGs is flexible. It uses lossy compression, meaning some image quality is lost for smaller file sizes. However, for many photos, this quality loss is imperceptible to the viewer, making this type of file a practical choice for web use.

Why convert from PNG to JPG?

There are several reasons you might want to convert PNG to JPG. Firstly, the file size of a JPG is typically smaller, meaning it uses less storage and is faster to upload and download. Secondly, while a PNG file is great for lossless compression, the file sizes can be large, which isn't ideal for websites or sharing image files over email, where file size can be important, and can ultimately force you to upgrade your Google Drive account if you have enough of them - you'd definitely be better off with JPGs if space saving was your only concern. Lastly, JPG has broader compatibility than PNG.

Using the PNG to JPG converter

Our PNG to JPG converter tool is incredibly easy to use. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to upload, convert your files, and then download the output:

  1. The tool lets you convert up to five PNGs to JPG at a time.
  2. Use the 'Select Images' button or drag and drop your files into the specified area (meaning you can batch convert PNG image files on this page - up to 5 at a time).
  3. The tool will automatically convert your PNG images to JPG format.
  4. You can then download the converted JPG images (in a zip file if there's more than one).

You can upload and convert PNG image files to other formats on this site, too. And if you need to go in the opposite direction, you can also have our JPG converter convert your images to PNG format.

Privacy information

We prioritize your privacy and security. All files are uploaded via a secure SSL connection to our server for processing. We don't sell them or pass them onto third parties. Our algorithm converts your PNG files to JPG format automatically, without human intervention.

Your converted files are available for 24 hours for your convenience, after which they're permanently deleted from our server. The adverts you see on our site are what finance this free service, making registration, payment, or creating an account unnecessary.


Converting PNG to JPG need not be a complex process. Our PNG to JPG converter is designed to make the process quick, secure, and user-friendly. With just a few clicks, you can easily convert your images while preserving their quality. As long as you've got a computer with an internet connection, you can use our JPG online converter. Hopefully after reading all this, you're a convert! (Sorry!)