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Convert your images online from HEIC to WEBP for free.


High Efficiency Image File Format

Adopted on iOS 11 by apple, HEIC image container is used to optimize Apple’s Live Photos, which allow users to store a short sequence of images for playback in the same file as the image itself. But HEIC can sometimes cause problems. Online blogs or forms don’t work with HEIC. That’s why it’s a good idea to convert it to JPEG or WEBP before posting it online. Read About HEIC on Wikipedia


WebIP Image Format

New image format developed by Google. Biggest benefit of WEBP over PNG or JPG is retaining quality at much lower file-size than other formats. It’s perfect for hosting images on the internet. We recommend this image format if you are a website builder, webmaster or blogger as converting images to WEBP can improve your page-speed. Read About WEBP on Wikipedia


Are you trying to convert your HEIC images to the compact, high-quality WEBP format? With our HEIC to WEBP converter, you can easily convert your images online, for free! With just a few clicks, your images will be ready to use, and the process couldn't be simpler.

All about the HEIC format

HEIC is the file format name Apple has chosen for the new High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) standard. It's a more streamlined way to store image files, allowing for greater image quality and smaller file size compared to many other formats. However, it's not as widely supported as the WEBP format, which can make it problematic for users.

Pros and Cons of HEIC files

Pros of HEIC Files:

  • Smaller File Size: Thanks to its modern compression algorithm, HEIC files are nearly half the size of JPEGs at the same quality level.
  • Enhanced Image Quality: HEIC supports 16-bit color, an upgrade from the 8-bit color used in JPEGs.
  • Multi-image storage: HEIC can store more than one image in a single file, making it ideal for storing sequences of images or Apple's Live Photos.

Cons of HEIC files:

  • Limited Compatibility: Not every device or browser supports the HEIC format, which can be problematic when sharing images.
  • Conversion Requirement: Because of limited compatibility, you may need to convert HEIC files to a more universal format, such as WEBP.

Typical use cases of HEIC image format

HEIC files are typically used on Apple devices for photographs. The smaller file size and enhanced image quality make it an excellent choice for capturing and storing images on these devices. However, due to the limited compatibility, you might find yourself needing to convert these images for use on non-Apple devices or platforms.

Image quality of HEIC files

The HEIC format excels when it comes to quality. It supports 16-bit color, compared to JPEG's 8-bit, which results in richer, more vibrant images. Additionally, HEIC uses modern and efficient lossless compression methods, so you're not throwing away any data.

Social media sites that accept HEIC files

At present, most social media sites do not directly support HEIC, which is where our HEIC to WEBP converter comes in handy.

All about the WEBP format

WEBP is an image format developed by Google that provides superior lossless and lossy compression. It's designed to create smaller files that still maintain a high image quality, making it a great option for use on the web.

Pros and cons of using WEBP

Pros of WEBP:

  • Efficient Compression: WEBP files are significantly smaller than JPEGs or PNGs, which can save bandwidth and load faster.
  • High Quality: Despite the smaller size, WEBP maintains a high quality of image.
  • Broad Support: Most modern web browsers support the WEBP format, making it universally accepted for web usage.

Cons of WEBP:

  • Limited Software Support: Some older or more obscure image editing software may not support the WEBP format.
  • Not Ideal for Print: Due to its focus on web usage, WEBP may not be the best choice for high-quality print jobs.

Typical use cases of WEBP files

The primary use case for WEBP files is for use on the web. Their small file sizes and high-quality image resolution make them ideal for websites, helping to improve page load speeds without sacrificing quality.

Image quality of WEBP files

WEBP files offer high-quality images with lossless and lossy compression. The format supports 24-bit RGB color with an 8-bit alpha channel, allowing for rich, vibrant images. The efficient compression algorithm helps reduce file size without sacrificing quality.

Why convert from HEIC to WEBP?

Different image formats have different strengths and weaknesses, and converting from HEIC to WEBP can help you in various ways. If you've got an HEIC file, it's worth knowing that the WEBP file format provides smaller file sizes and comparable image quality, making it perfect for sharing images online. Plus, with WEBP being widely supported on various platforms, converting from HEIC to WEBP ensures broader accessibility.

Using the HEIC to WEBP online converter

If you've got an HEIC file that needs converting, you're in the right place.

Sure, you can do the conversion via a heavyweight application such as Photoshop, but it's so much easier to let our WEBP converter convert your images to HEIC format instead.

Converting from HEIC to WEBP is easy with the image converter above:

  • You can convert up to five HEIC image format files to WEBP at a time.
  • Use the 'Select Images' button to choose files for conversion, or simply drag and drop your files into the specified area.
  • Our tool will then convert HEIC to WEBP for you, in a matter of a few quick seconds
  • Once converted, you can download your converted WEBP files, ready to use or share!

Privacy information

When it comes to privacy, we've got you covered:

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  • The service is entirely free, funded by the ads you see on our site.


Converting your HEIC images to the WEBP image file format has never been easier or more secure. With our free online tool, you can ensure your images are ready for sharing on any platform. Let our WEBP converter convert HEIC files for you today, and see for yourself how easy it is.