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Convert your images online from HEIC to PDF for free.


High Efficiency Image File Format

Adopted on iOS 11 by apple, HEIC image container is used to optimize Apple’s Live Photos, which allow users to store a short sequence of images for playback in the same file as the image itself. But HEIC can sometimes cause problems. Online blogs or forms don’t work with HEIC. That’s why it’s a good idea to convert it to JPEG or WEBP before posting it online. Read About HEIC on Wikipedia


Portable Document Format

File format developed by Adobe inc. to present documents independently from the device and system. It has since become a standard for sharing document files on the internet. But file size can get big, and PDF is not accepted in all online forms. That’s why sometimes it’s better to convert document into PNG or JPG. Read About PDF on Wikipedia


Looking for a simple, efficient way to convert your image files from HEIC to PDF?

Our online converter allows you to transform HEIC to PDF with ease, all without costing you a penny. Whether it's for personal or professional use, you can make that conversion here, and for free.

What is an HEIC file?

HEIC stands for High-Efficiency Image Container. It's a file type used by Apple in their newer iphones and ipad, having been adopted by the company in 2017. The files are highly efficient in terms of storage, and a single file has the ability to store multiple images. However, despite not being a proprietary Apple file type, the file type has not been broadly adopted beyond their devices.

What's the difference between HEIC and HEIF?

Put simply, HEIC is the file type, HEIF is the underlying format.

HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format)

HEIF is a container format developed by the MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) for storing images and image sequences. It was designed to be a more efficient, flexible, and advanced replacement for older formats like JPEG. One of the key benefits of HEIF is that it allows for better compression, which means you can store higher quality images in smaller file sizes compared to JPEG. In addition to individual images, HEIF can also store image sequences, image collections, auxiliary images like alpha or depth maps, live images, video, audio, and text.

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Codec)

HEIC is file extension for a specific type of HEIF file. More specifically, HEIC files are HEIF files that use the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec) for the actual image compression. So, when you see a file with a ".heic" extension, it is a HEIF-compliant file that has been compressed using HEVC.

To summarize:

  • HEIF is a container format that can hold various types of media.
  • HEIC is a specific type of HEIF file that uses HEVC for compression.

Pros and Cons of HEIC Files

Pros of HEIC Files:

  • Space-efficient: The HEIF format (used by HEIC files) can store high-quality images in almost half the space of its JPEG counterpart. This reduced file size means you can store more memories without the worry of running out of storage.
  • Versatility: An HEIC file can contain multiple images, perfect for storing sequences of images or Apple's Live Photos.
  • Quality: These files support 16-bit deep color images as compared to the 8-bit JPEG, which means the encoded images can display a wider array of colors.

  • Compatibility: Not all devices or operating systems support the HEIC format yet. That means sharing these images or opening them on a non-compatible device can be a bit of a problem. This is not insurmountable, but it adds a barrier to usage (and widespread acceptance)
  • Conversion Requirement: Because of the limited compatibility, you often have to convert HEIC to a more widely accepted format, like PDF or JPEG.

Typical use cases of HEIC Files

Due to its high image quality and space-saving abilities, the HEIC format is commonly used for photography, especially on devices that support the format. This could include taking high-quality photographs on newer iPhone models or storing a collection of pictures in a single file.

Image quality of HEIC Files

One of the main advantages of the HEIC file is the superior quality of images stored in its format. These image files support 16-bit color, a significant improvement over JPEG's 8-bit color, which means you'll get a richer, more vibrant image. They also use a more modern, efficient compression algorithm, which results in less loss of quality.

Social media sites that accept HEIC files

Unfortunately, as of now, most social media platforms do not support the HEIC format directly. Hence the need for a convenient tool to convert HEIC to a widely accepted format like PDF.

All about the PDF format

Developed by Adobe, the PDF format is one of the most widely used document formats globally. It's a universal format that maintains the document's original formatting and looks the same regardless of the device, operating system, or software used to open it.

Pros and Cons of PDF Files

Pros of PDF Files:

  • Universally Compatible: PDFs can be opened on almost any device, using a variety of software, including web browsers and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Fixed Layout: A PDF file maintains the original formatting of the document, which makes it perfect for sharing.

Cons of PDF Files:

  • Not Easily Editable: Editing a PDF file can be tricky and often requires specific software.
  • Can be Large: Depending on the content, a PDF file can be larger in size compared to other formats.

Typical use cases of PDFs

PDF is a standard format used for a variety of purposes, including business contracts, school assignments, ebooks, scanned documents, and more. The reason for its popularity is that the format guarantees the document will appear the same way to everyone, regardless of the device or software they're using.

Social media sites that accept PDFs

While PDFs aren't typically shared directly on social media platforms, they're widely used on professional platforms like LinkedIn to share resumes and portfolios. Additionally, almost all platforms allow sharing PDFs through direct messages.

Image quality of PDFs

PDFs maintain the quality of images that they contain, as long as the image was high quality to begin with. They're an excellent option for maintaining the integrity of documents that contain images or a mixture of images and text.

Why Convert from HEIC to PDF?

Converting your HEIC image to a PDF can help in various ways. PDFs are universally accepted, meaning they can be opened on almost any device without the need for specific software. If you need to share your photos or images with others, converting HEIC to PDF makes that process hassle-free.

Using the HEIC to PDF converter

To use our HEIC to PDF image converter, follow these steps:

  • The tool lets you convert up to five HEIC files to PDF at a time.
  • Simply upload your images using the 'Select Images' button or drag and drop them into the designated area.
  • The tool will automatically convert your HEIC image to PDFs.
  • Once the conversion is complete, you can download your files.

Privacy information

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  • Our service is entirely free, and the costs are covered by the ads you see on our site.


Converting your HEIC images to PDF online has never been easier, thanks to our dedicated tool. It's fast, free, and respects your privacy. Give it a try today and make sharing your images easier than ever. You'll be a convert too before you know it (groan!)